the audio stations

  1. Jewish Life in Prenzlauer Berg until 1945
    Museum Pankow, Prenzlauer Allee 227/228

  2. "Because of Makkabi I always wanted to go to Palestine"
    The jewish athletic movement

  3. "Fairness was written very large"
    The Baruch Auerbach Orphanage

  4. "It's better if you know something more about Judaism"
    The Hakshara Camp

  5. "...that coffin-bearing shall be abolished, and a hearse introduced"
    The Jewish Corridor

  6. "Hanne Sobek was like a god to me, like Maradona is to so many people today"
    The newspaper kiosk

  7. "Proper prussian teachers..."
    The parish school on Christburger Straße

  8. "My boy's not going to a Jewish school"
    The school for boys and the 110th public primary school

  9. "We were more drawn to the communists"
    Comrade Beutel's local meeting pub

  10. "I did everything, from churning ice cream to table service"
    Resi's ice cream shop

  11. "You're all being deported to Poland"
    The collection point at Senefelder Platz

  12. "It was a new world for me there"
    The Jewish School at Ryke Straße

  13. "Then the dancing would move from the synagogue out into the street"
    Religious holidays in the prayer hall and at the Ryke Straße synagogue

  14. "Access prohibited to Jews and Dogs!"
    The watertower in the Kollwitz neighbourhood

  15. "From life at home I have only good memories"
    The home of Ditmar Danelius

  16. "I dreamt of home almost every night"
    The home of Simon Mandel

  17. "On that promenade we used to play football together"
    Childhood on Metzer Straße

  18. "We could barely move"
    The home of Leonore Samuel

  19. "My mother always bought whatever was damaged"
    The market at Wörther Platz